Tomigotti – Break Free

Published on: 2021-05-27

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All what we want: Break free – the new Retro-Pop Track by TOMiGOTTi

After over a year of pandemic-induced isolation, the once lively culture of clubs and live music may seem like nothing more than a distant memory for some. However, the latest release by Austrian-based producer TOMiGOTTi captures the magic of normalcy with a vibrant piece of electro-pop perfection. “Break Free” is a single about wanting to escape anxiety-ridden quarantine life.
Once rollin’ and scratchin’ his way through the Italian club scene as a young DJ, TOMiGOTTi’s music career eventually took a hiatus. Now he’s returned to his first love 20 years later, this time as a producer. Drawing from the Italian dance music of his youth, TOMiGOTTi’s latest release is a lively combination of dance beats and mainstream pop styles. Immaculately produced, TOMiGOTTi’s ear for perfect mixing is on full display. Driving basslines, fluttering ambiance and a colorful synth lead create a soundscape flush with neon lights and comforting haze. “Break Free” evokes an era of dance music that is both refreshing and familiar – longing for the nights of care-free bliss beneath foggy club lights.

Arpeggiating synths create a sparkling soundscape in which lilting vocal melodies thrive. The striking vocal talent on display evokes The Weeknd, effortlessly belting charming upper register melodies that border on melancholy. But despite its tinges of pain, “Break Free” is ultimately optimistic. The lyrics belt TOMiGOTTi’s desire to escape the confines of lockdown – a desire shared by listeners across the globe – and to gain peace of mind in the face of daunting adversity. It’s a destination that feels almost in reach by the song’s end. A driving guitar solo at the climax cranks the sensory overload of social nightlife to the max. You can almost feel your feet shuffling on a crowded dance floor, you can almost smell the smoke machine. Eventually, the dream dissipates in the track’s tapered outro, leaving the listener with nothing but a final lilting refrain to hold onto before fading into oblivion – like waking up from a daydream of post-pandemic life. Neatly polished and with a wide array of hooks and instrumentation, “Break Free” is an impressive piece of dance-pop. TOMiGOTTi has proved himself to be a talented electronic producer and a welcome return to the European dance scene.

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