To Hell With Tradition – The Climb

Published on: 2021-06-04

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Barely 14 months after the release of the self-titled debut, To Hell With Tradition is picking up the pace with Stitches.
Wounds have healed and the focus is shifting from the past to the present moment. The bittersweet melancholic resignation that makes the predecessor the ideal soundtrack of sleepless nights yields to the pressing impulse to actively give meaning to the new day dawning.
Carried by driving rhythms and an accented staccato piano, or embedded in orchestral tapestries of sound, Stitches grabs the reflex hammer and tampers with the motor nervous system.
To Hell With Tradition is a solo project founded in 2019 by Achim Hofmeyer, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in Heidelberg, Germany.

– To Hell With Tradition 04/2020
– Stitches 06/2021

Press Commentary:
The perfect balance between rigor and delicacy. Kind of when Coldplay meets Get Well Soon… – Olivier-Music In Belgium

We like this a lot – this is the type of pop we can get behind! Unique, quirky, and the vocals are great. – From The Strait

The vocal harmonies and the strong melodic aspect catch the ear while the timeless sound of this pop piece with its intimate arrangements seduces the listeners – Boulimique de Musique

Somewhere between the vocals of the band Cake, the theatrics of The Dresden Dolls, the flair for melodies of Paul McCartney, and a touch of the weirdness of a young Tom Waits for the poetic lyrics. A bit of a retro sound, strong vocal harmonies, and truly engaging – Boulimique de Musique

Achim Hofmeyer folds emotions in delicate shifts of notes and lyrical attributions. A conjoined effort for death, life, living, and the possibilities of an expansive horizon. A beautifully decadent offering of a new kind of wail.
His self-titled LP is a journey of epic personal proportions. – comeherefloyd