Thug Misses – 99 U Ain’t 1

Published on: 2021-07-07

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Bay Area rapper Camille “Thug Misses”: Camille Carlos is a black and latina rap artist. She’s been in the rap game for over 20 years now. At the beginning of her storied career, she was signed to the West Coast Mafia/ Awol records label. Eventually she branched off into an indie artist. Camille has a bachelor’s degree in Sound Arts. She is a recent graduate of Expression College graduating in 2018. Camille writes, records, and mixes most of her own work. Camille is a single mother of one daughter, a strong, determined woman who wants to inspire little girls to do anything en can do and more! Camille loves mixing hardcore rap with smooth sexy melodic sounds. Her latest single with Eargazm Music Group, “Stand by Me,” features R’N’B singer L.J., and is an homage to New Edition. Her love for music has blended gangster rap with a commercial vibe. Camille has a passion for supporting the LGBTQ+ community, inspiring young girls, and spreading the West Coast vibe in the most creative ways.