The Nathaniel Hardy Project – When Tomorrow Comes!

Published on: 2019-08-04

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Born in Baltimore, Maryland (B-more) with always a love for music whatever the ‘genre’ was. At a very young age he knew that his interest has always leaned toward the creation of music. To keep himself busy and out of trouble he joined the band at Cherry Hill Junior High School (P.S.#180) and started playing the Bass Cello when he was in the 7th grade; however it proved to be too heavy for him to carry home after many months, so he switched to the Trombone and played it until the 9th grade. His interest in Keyboards came when his mother bought home an organ and Nathaniel taught himself to read notes. He has performed as a front man in three local bands by the age of 16, and after numerous failures in those bands and with his record company and an uncertainty of where his life was headed, he took numerous session gigs before joining the U.S. Navy where he served proudly for ten years! He was about to give up on music because he felt that he was not where I was supposed to be, then in 2006 Nathaniel was diagnosed with cancer and music was the only thing besides a friend named “Shirley” whom is now his wife that kept him happy. Not knowing how this cancer treatment was going to turn out. He turned to music as an “outlet” and continued to write and record music. “God gave me the talent. I need to use it!” He learned that his “passion” is and has always been music. “What was I thinking?” He has done a number of session recordings with a number of famous artist. “Being an ‘Independent Artist’ there’s nothing that I feel I can’t do when I put my mind to it!” “If there’s anything that anyone has learned about Nathaniel it’s that he’s dedicated more than you’ll ever imagine when there is something that interest him.” And “music” is his interest! He decided to change his artist name to “The Nathaniel Hardy Project” in 2006 because he managed to get a project done by himself from the writing to the mixing of the EP during that dark time in his life although he only had a few tracks on the CD. He call’s his music “Thought music” because he puts a lot of creative thinking in his words or bars before a put anything on either magnetic, paper or digital media. Music has taught him one thing, and this is his saying and don’t let anyone tell you different! “‘NEVER’ depend on any one else to put you in a place that you want to be!” He has had numerous promises that ended up to “Nowheresville.” He is “The Nathaniel Hardy Project” Google him!!! “A “Brotha'” that is from the “streets”, and who can mix all the different beats!”

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