Stella Wassermann – L’Ame De La Lune

Published on: 2019-06-25

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With her first album “The Palace of Yin” the singer and oriental dancer Stella Wassermann has established her own chillout style: ethereal singing without lyrics, with warm and full electronic arrangements, electric guitar and oriental rhythms.

Her second CD „L’Ame de la Lune“ (The Soul of the Moon) convinces with an even more powerful sound and carries you to new emotional heights – a very relaxed music.

Stella lived partly in Switzerland and partly on Ibiza, the island of eternal inspiration. Stella about her album: “Relax, lie on the beach, soft waves and soft hips. Dance in trance. Music brings movement into life. Palm trees, the sweetness of the tropics and the singing of the happy. Playful, but without losing yourself. Dreamy and gentle, but with stormy interludes. From the sea the spray splashes like outbursts of joy.
Music and dance, soft and hard, a victory of joy.”

Stella’s music awakens feelings of longing. It is warm and intellectual at the same time. „L’Ame
de la Lune“ is like an image that moves and merges into new images, images of beauty that carry you out into the night where you will meet the soul of the moon.

„L’Ame de la Lune“ was created within three years. The music has a slightly classical touch, although everything except the vocals, the guitar and the percussion has been produced electronically. It was recorded in Ibiza and Switzerland.