Stan Crown And Inusa Dawuda – Jungle

Published on: 2020-06-04

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Stan Crown & Inusa Dawuda introducing a brand new Single, “JUNGLE.” Stan Crown & Inusa Dawuda recently joined forces to release a fantastic brand new song, “Jungle.” This new project is a really good calling card for artists who borrow from so many different styles and influences, coming out with a remarkably defined sound, filled with character and personality. Inusa is a talented singer, as well as a skilled saxophone player with a distinctive melodic vibe. Stan Crown a DJ and music producer who loves to set the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and aesthetics. What’s special about this music is definitely the fact that the combination of different backgrounds and influences led to something quite special here. With the additional Ben Neeson’s Remix, this release combines some organic and warm REGGAE textures with some of the hottest EDM influences out there, and the result is a concoction of interesting sounds, catchy melodies and forward-thinking arrangement ideas that add a very individualistic vibe to each and every single track on this wonderful new Release. In conclusion, a total win for both artists! Find out more about Stan Crown & Inusa Dawuda and check out “Jungle,” which is currently available on the web.

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