SONICcontrol – Almyriki

Published on: 2022-05-28

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SONICcontrol is a group from Karjaa Finland making deep beats and inspirational music for your soul. Dj:ing background of Antsu, clarinets, and saxophones skills of the vocalist Sini makes the sounds of SONICcontrol unique and motivational. The other vocalist Nanne also plays saxophones, flute, and Finnish kantele. On this track you also can hear Marjo singing shamanic harmonies.

Our latest song is called “Almyriki”. It is a story of warm and loving thoughts of togetherness when sitting under this magic tree in Cyprus. The Greek name of this tree is Almyriki, Αλμυρίκι.

Listening to the wind humming soft ambient melodies and words. The cedar tree has been revered for its spiritual significance for thousands of years. Its spiritual properties do promote peaceful thoughts and help interpret messages from the inner self. “writing my poem, feeling your love, sweet dreams, I’ll share with you my love”.

Ambient feelings with female vocal power, soft flute, inspirational clarinet, and Finnish – Karelian shamanic bridge and chorus vocals will mystify this song.

Our other releases are “Swan” June 2021, “Institute of Life” November 2020, March 2020 “The Sounds of Solidarity”, a dance-remix version of “Hey There World” June 2020, and “Happiness” January 202.

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