Sainte Victoire – Hive Mind

Published on: 2021-07-16

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Patron Saint of the lost, the forgotten, the damaged outsiders, Sainte Victoire embodies the expression emerging from the confrontation of a bleak, uncertain reality, as we seek solace and emancipation in the same breath. A sonic necromancer channelling the yearning primeval energies of folk, steeped in the melodic discordance of trip-hop and Grunge. Tinged at times with hauntological nuances, evoking distorted childhood atmospheres. Recognising her influences yet sucking the wisdom from her own thumb to create Pure Crystal, a debut EP in which she unflinchingly stares down her demons, her fears, her fragility. Destroying violent mediocrity with defiant vulnerability.

Her voice and presence, uniquely hers, run like a woodgrain through whatever she does. Post-punk ferocity, dropping to a smoky jazz whisper, from serene or melancholic, to possessed and ferocious in a heartbeat, and back again without even blinking. Imperious and powerfully emotional, but at the same time letting us know that she’s channelling an energy that she does not to claim to own. Always uncompromising, always fearless, never timid, and never polite. A force answerable only to herself.

The artist behind Sainte Victoire is pianist and singer Alice de Saint Victor, whose mercurial essence blazed through her work with the stunning and original French Indie outfit Falaises, and then on through collaborations for the Bodies to Heal project (Scheduled for release in 2021), and her work with DJ Darlyn Vlys, a breakthrough into the world of movie soundtracks in the American film Freaky.

As a project Sainte Victoire is nothing short of epic, unique, no parody or copycat references here. It’s a force that stands proudly on it’s own two feet. Working with musicians Elliot Sigg (Checler, Kriill) and Richard Pons (The Technocrats) and Roman Rappak (of London based minimalists Breton and Miro Shot), who share some of her influences, she has mixed new-Wave elements with heavy electronic beats and strived to cut a path which is truly her own. Fierce and uncompromising, at times industrial, at times searingly beautiful, a rose made from shards of broken glass. The moment you think you are comfortable and safe is the moment of greatest peril.

The debut single Hive Mind is set for release on June 30th, 2021, with the EP Pure Crystal to follow in the Autumn.