Sacha Ryan – The End

Published on: 2018-03-07

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Sacha Ryan is a French artist, Author Composer Interpreter also Producer of the label UMMO PROD. He became very young at the music by participating in several musical events, festivals, 1st party of great artists, Real TV.

Former model also, with a subtle and energetic voice, Sacha Ryan put all her chances to make it happen. From a very young age he has worked with the biggest schools of songs and scenic expressions in Paris.

Faced with this phenomenon, often compared to an Alien thanks to his musical advance and his creations of a remarkable quality, the most talented composers and authors join his pen and his pieces to support and propel him to the front of the scene.

With his production team and with the collaboration of TMP RECORDINGS, with whom Sacha Ryan has been working for several years, SR of his diminutive, after making a real international box with his title INCOMPLETE and I wanna ( number 1 for 8 consecutive weeks in the ranking of Music International Chart Independant ), he returns today to present his new single “The END “, a real future international tube again.

Sacha Ryan is one of the most talented French artists of his generation and is widely distributed in several countries, notably in the USA and neighboring countries in Europe.