Sacha Boutros – Reviens-Moi

Published on: 2021-02-18

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Sacha Boutros is a producer, composer and celebrated for singing Jazz in 14 languages. As a global peace ambassador of goodwill, Sacha uses music as a tool to create community and designs peace murals to build bridges between bordering nations.

Sacha played semi professional Soccer and Tennis while attending university. After graduating from one of the US’s top business schools with honors and degrees in Marketing and International Business she founded a record label, production and publishing company.

Moving forward to produce jazz records as one of the few female producers in the music business. Her production company provides entertainment in all genres to fortune 500 companies for events, festivals and artistic direction of curated programs.

Grammy Nominated and with numerous awards on the international music scene, Sacha has toured extensively throughout the world and is one of the top jazz artists today with a career spanning over two decades. She is is the inginue of Frankie Laine, the protege of Red Holloway and was mentored by Miss Nancy Wilson and James Moody.

The Jazz singer turned her sight on on a new venture in 2014 founding Sachas Supper Club, a vintage pop-up club encompassing food, music and dancing in an effort to bring community together through elegant social gatherings, much like that of the old New York cafe societies in the 1940’s.

Partnering with 5 star hotels and historic venues, the club was a great success in Southern California and won several awards for its originality and vintage nightlife.

Sacha lives between San Diego and Paris, sits on several education, arts and cultural boards, enjoys fundraising for multiple non-profit organizations, community service in the Baja-California orphanages, mentoring young jazz artists and volunteering at the American Cathedral in Paris.