Roger-Bontemps – Parti-pris

Published on: 2019-11-19

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Many stories start with an encounter, serendipity.

Thus, was the beginning of the Roger-Bontemps adventure, facetious collaboration, troubadour of modern times.

Flying from flower to flower in the quest for the best musical nectar, Roger-Bontemps enjoys composing small pieces where the verses of talented poets are carried by subtle and entertaining vocal melodies, accompanied by ethereal guitar harmonies.

There is a mix of French song, acoustic ambiance and current sounds.
And what of the name “Roger-Bontemps” ?… An old expression describing a person of good humour, living carefree.

Charming description, but be careful all this can be misleading! Sometimes, it also plays with your feelings and, under the cover of enticing melodies, touches darker themes.

Yet at the point of depression or dark clouds on the horizon, Roger-Bontemps is there to enchant you, to take you away to other places.

So, prepare yourself to fly…