Rising Fade – Songs I Wrote In The Bathtub

Published on: 2022-03-12

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Rising Fade’s Zak Ralston shares his heart writing raw lyrics about things he has experienced or dealt with in his short life. At only 17 years many have said he is exceptionally gifted having written, produced, and performed the majority of the songs and released over 30 songs!

“It’s important in a song,” Zak says, “for the lyrics to tell the truth. Truth is part of a story, and a song tells that story.”

Rising Fade strives to produce music that shares a message of HOPE. Struggles in life do not need to be dealt with through despair. Another’s perspective of you need not determine your self-worth. You have the ability to set your course, despite the negativity around you or even in you. Life brings variety, and their music intends to represent a range of perspectives. Fans of this music must be willing to feel emotion, and hold tight to the hope of friendship and a better tomorrow.

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