Retched – The Overlord Messiah

Published on: 2019-01-08

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I am David A. DerMinasian the founding member of RETCHED Formed in October 2016 as we put out and older EP from 1988 that I did with my previous band AVATAR yes we were the original AVATAR before the movie or anyone else with Tom Garcia- lead and rythm guitar he is the writer and composer of all these great tunes on this release: The Overlord Messiah. Doug Jackson on lead vocals. Mike Duely on drums. Roger Simms on bass. and David A. DerMinasian also on Rytm and lead guitar. This particular release was never before published due to legal issues and the band disolving around the end of 1988. Finally I published it on October 2016 on Band Camp shortly after that we signed with Alone Records in Thessaloniki Greece and latter with Distrokid on July 25 2017 for iTunes and other related digital platforms. I was very humbled to see after near thirty years the metal comunities around the world still love us to me that was mind blowing and I am filled with nothing but gratitude. So now we’ve begun a new chapter in our music career.

Our new band RETCHED line up is David A. DerMinasian on rythm and lead guitar/ bass / lead vocals. and David Ezelle on Drums/ percusion / vocals. We are in the process of producing a full length album set for November 2018 full on rip your face off thrash metal album new debut!!!!!! To all our present and future fans we are in your debt and we love you all!!!!!!