Protokol – À suivre

Published on: 2017-10-04

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Protokol is our guide in a universe where the irreverent voice of a child of Paris adds an elegant touch to the rhythms of swing, vibrant and subdued in equal measure. In To be continued…, this composer/performer looks out onto the world at large, a place where society’s ills are made apparent in everyday life.

In simple words, whose meaning goes straight to the heart thanks to a sincere and powerful performance, Protokol speaks to a society angry about terrorist attacks, but also about toothache and remaining relevant. Because Protokol is the result of a songwriter for a postmodern world, he paints a fresco of our daily lives in words and music with teeth, impeccable in his musical arrangements for both guitar and drums.

As a student of musicology, the author meticulously breathes his science and virtuosity into a work that contributes to reviving French pop music, while emphasising quality.