Paul French – Obrigado Rio

Published on: 2021-06-11

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I started my recording career with bands Windmill and Tonton Macoute. Over the years Tonton Macoute has acquired cult status in the progressive rock scene and CDs of the only album we recorded are still being pressed to this day.

I went on to form Voyager and penned the band’s hit song Halfway Hotel. We made 3 highly acclaimed albums, reaching number 1 in Australia and other territories with the first.
In 2006 we re-united to record the fourth album Eye contact

I am an accomplished pianist and from 2003 to 2017 was a regular piano/vocalist at London’s Piano Kensington and sister bar Piano Smithfield.

After 14 years at those London Piano bars, I decided to quit in order to take on more varied work. For instance, since then I have composed and released 3 albums in various styles from classical to jazz and pop. Also, I have mastered some important and previously unreleased Tubby Hayes recordings for the Savage/Solweig label which reached Number 1 in the British Jazz Charts

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