OneSelf – Nothing’s Wrong (All Is Fine)

Published on: 2021-07-16

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I’m Mario Deschenes, the only member of OneSelf, a melodic Rock band, distributed by Avid Distribution, available on I tunes and so many others

Musician, producer, composer, and also writer. Member of SOCAN, SODRAC, SOPROQ, and ARTISTI. I hold 100 % of the rights.

From the first note to the last measure, OneSelf knows how to create his own distinctive and unique signature of his songs and music. Free Rock as its best. Authentic and unique songs that reminds you something good for your ears.

Also available on I tunes and Bandcamp, known and appreciated all around the world. I am very proud of my sixth album. I am in studio for my 7th one

About my new album ATYPICAL SO ( A ) TYPICAL.

11 new Rock songs.

Let me talk about my new album. The one I am the most proud of.
May be because it is the newest one.

What are the differences for this one ? Why a new one ? What audience this album is made for ?
What will I do next ? What do I expect for the future ?

The main differences between this album and the first 5 albums are :

I changed my approach to make an album, beginning with the lyrics, my songs are more personal.

I answer to people living near me with LESS THAN ME.

I went deep inside my life, showing the real me in TEARS IN A CROWD.

Flashback from an uncertain past with FEELING MINE TO BE and THE FIRST YOU’VE GOT.

A dream or a wish for everyone with POURRING LOVE.

About SO WISE SO LATE It hit me someday that I’m getting old but my way to think changed too, I spend less time doing things I have to do, I see clearer what I have to do.. It takes time to get wise. To learn how to live…

I wrote some lines about my mother in SO YOUR DAY, she hardly can walk and her memories are vanishing away. Lately she passed away.

I was not able to pass beside the famous virus after there will be A NEW AFTER, so we changed as the world., I hope I changed for the best, it takes time, … so give me time … This is what I have in mind.
The 9 th song, inspired by a closer friend of mine MISS CLASSY WOMAN, I’ve known her, maybe, for 40 years. I have never written something about her. It was about time. It is a kind of tribute about her and our friendship.

About the 10 th song, I talk about pain, a day or another, we experience pain under any forms, you know, for sure, words can hurt …. TOO MUCH PAIN FOR A BROKENHEARTED .

So for the last song of my 6 th album NOTHING’S WRONG ( ALL IS FINE ) I worked hard on this one, I wrote about 15 versions for the lyrics, it took about 10 takes to have the song I wanted, I mean the right sound for the lead guitar, the voice, how I can sing this song, what I want to give as feeling when the song will be completed. I will let by you discover the 11 th one by yourself, and the rest of ATYPICAL SO ( A ) TYPICAL.

Have a good time to discover my Rock songs.

According to, my album is for the 18 – 60 years, with a peak for people around 25 – 31 years.