NSZ – Forex

Published on: 2021-10-07

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NO SNITCH ZONE, better known as NSZ, is now a trendy cultural-musical talent. His rap: an urban and chic style.

Wonder, KGB, VIC: three different entities straight from Orleans, carried by the passion of the project to three.

At the end of 2019, they propose “Itinéraire”, the first single available on digital platforms.

Inspired by artists ranging from Pit Baccardi, rapper, and producer of Cameroonian origin, to Dosseh, and fervent followers of mixtapes, the three complementary teen-adults with assertive temperaments will also be interested in other areas of artistic activities such as fashion and design.

True “jack-of-all-trades” determined to carry out musical projects “step by step”, as they say, their key word is motivation. This is how the group will open up to everything that is likely to feed it, to maintain it, unequivocally. A controlled hyperactivity that allows them to move forward without ever getting tired of winning bets in order to win the enthusiasm of their public.

The meeting makes the union, the union makes the force, without brake; our flaming self-taught emanate a communicative energy whose thread remains a history of friendship sealed by the same inspirations.

Whoever meets them and listens to them will grasp the agreement, the sharing, the “match”, in a booming ring.
An attractive musical picture which ensures, on sounds which send, such is indeed the currency.

Fidelity to the free style, the promise of effective projects to capture an audience curious to discover, dynamic cohesion: the bold recipe of the harmony of verses in a modern way.

“Forex”, NSZ’s new single, will be available on October 1st 2021 (TuneCore/ GoMusic). First EP in preparation.