Nelly – I’m all alone now

Published on: 2017-11-15

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Nelly has worked as an artist since 2007 when she starred in junior Eurovision song contest in Sweden with the song “Om du var här” (“My Heart Is Within You”). The song is currently up against 1 million plays on Youtube. Since 2012, eleven new singles has been released. “Balalaika” one of the latest songs are now added to at least 46 radio stations around the world . “This is totally sick, Nelly says” We have radio stations in the US,UK,Canada,Panama,Germany,France, Costa Rica,Slovenia,Holland,Brazil, Greece,Belgium,Italy, Norway who plays “Balalaika” and rocks. Last week, the song was “Weekly Record” on a Dutch channel with at least 6 gigs every day . Our goal is to make a worldwide hit and we’re on our way now. Now we’re about to release the new single “I’m all alone now” and it will be promoted against several thousand of radio stations worldwide.