Nell – You And Me

Published on: 2019-03-11

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Imagine, Christmas … A little girl of five … who receives as a gift, a booklet with a cassette retracing the life of Mozart …

A surprising present for a girl?

This child listened to the tape in a loop and discovered a passion for music and piano.

Afterward, she had a dream, seeing herself as an adult, sitting in front of a magnificent piano, on the big stage of a theater, playing in front of a packed hall.

Afterward, she did not stop asking her parents to enroll her in music lessons.

At the age of 10, she began piano lessons, claiming her predisposition for music and keyboard.

At the same time, she discovered the world pop star, Michael Jackson, who will be one of his musical influences. She wanted to sing now.

At 14, she joined a music school. Piano, singing, music theory are his favorite classes. The same year she went on stage for the first time. That day, she understood that this world of spectacle, music, the song was her reason for living. NELL was born.

Passionate about music, she continued her studies at the Lycée St Sernin of Toulouse in musical section and enrolled at the National Conservatory of Toulouse to quench her thirst.

At the end of her studies, and until today Nell made several meetings in the world of the show, the song, and the music. This allowed him to perform a large number of stage performances with other artists throughout France.

Through her Facebook page, Nell reveals her piano/voice covers.

Thanks to those who believe in her, she has managed to raise the necessary funds to return to the studio, at “Studio Guyl”.

With Guillaume Soulan, Composer and Director, she recorded her first album “LA PROMESSE”.

Saturday, January 19 comes out on all platforms for legal download, his first single ” You and Me ” from the album.

NELL hopes to seduce by his talent with “You and me” his new single from the album “The Promise” to appear this spring.

Fruit of a collaboration with the composer Guillaume SOULAN (Amandine Bourgeois, Amel Bent, H.Felix Thiefaine, Olympus, Julie Zenatti, Romane Serda, Sofia Essaidi, Claire Keim …), “You and me” an electro title French pop with a gimmick that stays in the lead.

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