Michaelangelo Kudo – Sex On The Dance Floor

Published on: 2018-02-10

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Powerful R&B/Pop single available for download and streaming from Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon MP3

(Brighton, England – January 23rd 2018) West London born and raised, now living on the south coast; Michaelangelo Kudo is back with a new release kicking off in 2018 that is set to not only blow your socks off; but powerfully combine pop, R&B, new jack swing and dance in a way that will never been seen for a very long time.

“Sex On The Dance Floor” is Michaelangelo Kudo’s second single, fresh off the heels of being inspired by Michael Jackson’s 1997 smash-hit “Blood On The Dance Floor”; this particular single is set to take you into the dark depths of love, sex and dance.

Be warned. This song is NOT for the light-hearted.

“Little did I know that this song was going to be about a girl seducing me on the dancefloor; it’s funny how one situation can inspire a whole chain of events.” Says Michaelangelo. “The song was written about a woman I met once and will probably never see again.”

Never afraid yet brutally savage enough to tell his truth through the art of sexual and vivid imagery, Kudo still manages to find a way of catering to his female audience without being too explicit. With the original idea being “Lizzy (Dancefloor Affairs)”, the demo got scrapped and a much more energetic sound work-of-art was born through numerous attempts of creating something that could top what he already had to offer.

He may be unknown but Michaelangelo Kudo has been self-releasing his own albums, EPs and singles over a number of years, since first appearing on CM17 Sho Sho’s debut album “16 Year Old Destined To Blow” back in 2014. Part of a collective called “Sho Sho Kudo Music”, he (along with CM17 and Chris Mandiangu) racked up a whopping total of over 40,000 SoundCloud plays, as well as being known for the “Freedom Of Expression” EP series that was released between 2014-2015.

In 2017, Kudo released his first single “Whine/Hip Roll”, a certified smash-hit radio single that has now generated over 490 radio spins to date from various radio stations around the world as well as charting on the Top 100 for a long number of weeks since its June 23rd release.