Merdan Taplak Orkestar – Senlik Raksi

Published on: 2021-05-28

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Senlik Raksi (“Şenlik Raksı”, pronounced “shenlik rakse”) is a popular folktune from the region of Azerbaijan. It is translated as “festive dance” and often played during weddings and other celebrations. We have taken the “4 to the floor” approach, cranking up the 6/8 melody with analog synths and our Orkestar live sound.

Merdan Taplak is a deejay from Antwerp. Basically, he was infused with the oriental sounds that his Turkish father imported with the satellite antenna during the week, while he was raving and deejaying in the electronic clubs in Belgium and abroad on the weekends. Merdan Taplak Orkestar, formed in 2010, is his live oriental beatbrassband, transforming exotisch melodies into dancefloor bangers.