Marion & The Crazy Dogs – Je Sais…

Published on: 2018-08-24

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Marion Guerin is in Neuilly sur Seine.

From her earliest childhood, this dreamy girl, passionate about letters, surprises her parents with the stories she imagines.

A child of a family whose mother cultivates many artistic talents … between drawing and writing, a brother painter and a sister writer, his curiosity will have no limits.

Her school career is linked and after a bachelor’s degree she is seduced by psychology, journalism to feel reborn in the theater.

His diverse and varied activities have nourished more than a passion but a real need to write.

After a collection of poems, she publishes her first novel: “En mal d’enfant”

Released to the Manuscript edition, the novel by Marion GUERIN is immediately ranked in the best sales.

“In search of children” describes the long and difficult journey of a couple facing infertility. There are great victories, but wounds too heavy to be forgotten and especially a difficult question:

“Can one separate oneself by dint of loving? ”

Then very soon after this first novel his friendly entourage of musicians encourages him to try to write lyrics.

She notes that she expresses her sensitivity better in short texts than in fictionalized stories. It is noticed in his novel since it extends very little on the descriptions of places and goes directly to the essential.

After having written a multitude of texts, one of her relatives went into a coma and she wrote her first song “insomnies” that she will interpret herself to wake up her friend …

That’s how she starts to sing.

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