Marion Roch – Semaine Prochaine

Published on: 2018-10-31

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Marion has been writing songs since her youngest age.

She is a specialized educator when she decides to devote herself entirely to her music in 2015.

His songs are authentic interpretations, texts of an impressive reality in which the public is found. It is haunted passages of life of all ages, it is the rage to live, to live the ordinary life. It’s sounds from different styles and eras, and finally it’s a rocky, powerful voice.

Accompanied by Dj Menas beatbox / turntables and Vladimir Torres on bass, the trio delivers a mix of genre and gives unexpected colors in the world of song.

With this song, Marion depicts the suffering of dads, often forgotten in divorce cases. We think they are strong, but the reality is very different when we wait for his son … a week on two.