Mari Jean – How It Feels

Published on: 2017-09-28

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When an eclectic approach to music, a creative brain and an emotional soul all collide into one person, something amazing can happen. The talented singer-songwriter behind “How It Feels”, came up with a romantic and dreamy title that reflects her passions and dreams: She has always been fascinated by pop culture: inspirational artists such as Lana Del Rey, Banks or Marina & The Diamonds aren’t only musicians: they are the people who actually go out there and live the dream so everyone else can be reminded that everything is possible if you hold on to these dreams. With such a mindset, “How It Feels” resonates with the listeners in a personal and massive way, bridging the gaps between accessible melodies of artists such as Robyn or Elle Goulding and emotional depth of artists such as Lana Del Rey or Daughter. Mari Jean loves the song-writing aspect of making music: she dreams of following the music wherever it might take her: touring the world, meeting new people, writing songs for fellow artists, soaking influences from different and exciting cultures around the world. Let the music tell you the rest of the story…