Lyrical Storm – Do That

Published on: 2017-10-29

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Lyrical Storm is a Hip Hop musician and literary author from the United States of America. Born Bernard Terrell Howard on the 23rd of November in 1981 Storm currently operates in Los Angeles running his digital productions under the slogan ‘All Things Digital’ of his entertainment brand. Highly recognized for his smartphone updates on Instagram Storm street performs while giving the halftime score to local LA based fans in his downtime of ongoing concerts. In his third season of street performing Storm has now accumulated over $10;000 dollars in his spare time of street performing for sports fans.LifeBorn and raised in Fort Wayne; IN Storm’s first interest in music started in grade school playing the Trombone in a band. Later on in high school he would join a rap group named the Black Italians that created several underground albums of hip hop music. In 2007 Storm filed his brand name with the USPTO and became professionally known as Lyrical Storm through Hip Hop music and poetry books. His most famous literary production to date is his romance fiction novel ‘A Cheater’s Lies’ which received over 1;000 downloads in under three months as a sample reading from his personal website. This was followed by a televised commercial campaign that reached over 100;000 viewers locally in the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Cincinnati; OH was also part of this marketing campaign with over 100;000 viewers in 3 months in prime time commercial placement. Through music his first album ‘The Box Theory’ received positive reviews most notably by Billboard Discoveries alongside over 170;000 views to his personal website. Storm’s first Hip Hop album is his best selling LP to this date. In 2013 Storm digitized his catalog of entertainment products making transactions available worldwide electronically.Education Storm graduated from Wayne high school with a Core 40 diploma and continued his studies at the University of Indianapolis studying marketing management. Completing close to two years of studies before deciding to become a entrepreneur Storm grew with knowledge in many fields of entertainment. He has abilities in studio recording; voice overs; video production; video editing; graphic design; and performing live entertainment. He also creates artisan style soft bound books under his publishing company of Lyrical Storm. Altogether Storm has a collection of 15 entertainment products with a suggested worth of 20 million dollars in ownership value.