Lo$ Fiya – Whine It Up Slow

Published on: 2017-10-04

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“LO$ FIYA” (formally known as Young Los) resides in Jacksonville Florida. Music has always been a part of his life, and to this day, is the way he expresses himself. It’s also a way for him to reach out to people in the world. He’s quoted saying, “You win the crowd and you win your freedom!!” LO$ FIYA also quoted, “When you come from a place where it’s hard to make it out and everything is against you, and you hear a voice in your soul that says, “you can make a difference”, “you can either do something or nothing about it!” This particular artist is original and the definition of being yourself. Lo$ Fiya has a passion for his talent and loves all kinds of music and likes to watch music evolve over time. “LO$ FIYA” can put on a show, and when he does, he ignites the flame to your world to show where he’s coming from and where he’s going. By working with Savae Productions and Blowout Records, they help paint that picture of LOS FIYA’S world. This is a serious artist and he’s definitely going places! NO MATTER WHAT!!