Leon Neal – Bounce

Published on: 2017-11-14

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Leon Neal is a soulful; multi-talented jazz guitarist; vocalist and composer. His insatiable curiosity and keen interest in the music industry led him in a direction many musicians might consider unreasonable; if not impossible; for a performer. Leon expanded his abilities and musical knowledge to form Nealsight Records LLC. “My Soul Speaks”; the new entities’ first release which featured the artistry of Leon Neal received international acclaim. This inspired Leon to strive for a yet higher quality product. In succeeding years; Leon in his determination to acquire a fuller understanding of recording and audio mixing received his certification as an Audio Mixing Engineer.Under Nealsight Records; Leon has produced several projects; to include “Dimensional”; a new CD from the duo CARMA; and a demo production of an audio play “A Christmas Carol”; fully enacted with musical arrangement and sound effects; which demo is available at no charge. His most recent release truly demonstrates Leon’s versatility. “We Dance at Midnight” is a smooth jazz funk CD featuring Leon’s performance artistry along with his arrangements of the instrumentation on the entire project; as well as his conception and graphic design for the product. Currently in production is a children’s audio play in book form “The Adventures of Luie and Bobo”; with a release date November 2017.Always a perfectionist who enjoys his instrument; Leon continues to increase his expertise as a jazz guitarist; to the delight of his followers. Leon; once again exceeding limits; also studies classical voice under Barbara Urbine-Reidy and; in this genre; has developed into an extraordinary baritone singer with proficiency in interpreting classical American art songs; Broadway favorites; and sea chanteys. In support of his high artistic standards; Leon believes that; “It is very important that we strive for excellence and then manifest that excellence through our performance.”No idle time for this artist who is always stretching his boundaries and pushing his talents “Creating Beyond the Notes”!