Julia Gubanova – To Be Rich

Published on: 2017-11-20

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“I am Gubanova!” – This is one of the first sentences Julia pronounced immediately after the words “Mom” and “Dad” at the age of one and a half, and since then this constant affirmation of herself, He has been visible throughout his life: work, poetry, creative work … In general, it is a case that it is possible to be related to a fairy tale such as the famous ” Cinderella. “With the difference – Julia did and did wonders in her real life by herself – by her ardent desire to succeed in everything she does. Certainly, she has some secrets … she says: “Everything is very simple – I just bring luck to the people I meet. And I love life! And I think I’m persevering. ” And his life can not be described otherwise than by the word “Persistence.” When Julia was selected at the prestigious beauty contest, destined for the world “Miss World” in 2007, she breaks her leg a week before the contest. She had to choose herself to go out of the race or to endure a painful pain all week, participating in trainings and being all day on the road, Had trained all year to participate in this contest. She chose lightly the second variant. As she says, this was the longest week of her life she ever had. And after the contest, she had to spend more than a month in plaster. Julia grew up in a small village in Ukraine that responds to the sweet name of “Soledar”. She recalls that there was a great cultural center for children in her town, where it was possible to train for a lot of activity for free. And of course, she spent all her spare time until the age of 16 – she finished her training as a musician by learning the “violin”, choreographic studio and department of folk music and vocal pop. And at the age of 16 her first poetry was published in the newspaper, which prompted her to join the city, where there are prospects and opportunity to reveal her talent to a wider public and accomplish her dreams. The education of her parents was not for an artistic career of Julia, explaining their position by the fact that it is very difficult for an artist to maintain and to obtain the notoriety which will allow him to live of his passion. Julia, not wanting to disappoint her parents, returns to the National University of Odessa, philosophy section, but at the same time she continues to write songs, and tries to succeed in the show business world. She applied for the Ukrainian selection of artists, who will represent the country at the Eurovision competition in 2005, Julia soon realizes that politics, relations and money play a preponderant role in this environment, It does not possess. Julia decides not to give up her vital principles “harmony and kindness” and does not agree to used easy and dubious deceptions to achieve her goals, refusing the “pseudo-producers”, corrupt sponsors And continues to work hard and believe in its possible success. While her career as an artist began to develop, Julia Gubanova became a distinguished person in the business model: she was invited to represent major brands, and appeared in numerous advertising campaigns. She becomes president of the big competition “National of Beauty” of Ukraine “Miss Teen Ukraine – World” in 2007. During the period 2007-2010 Julia Gubanova writes a lot and prepares to publish her first collection of poetry. In 2011 the opportunity is given to him with Yuriy Volev in a will of collaboration the hit “Falling in love” sees the day. At that time, the public chose this artistic duo and pulled it up. The song becomes very popular in Ukraine, and the Gubanova project becomes famous and accepted by the young public who spends their weekend in Night-Club or the sound is broadcast there constantly, igniting the Dance-Floor of the Countries of the East. Today signed on the French Label BOUMQUEUR EDITION, it releases a Electro-Dance Album, warm, powerful and equal to its artistic ambitions “TO BE RICH”.