Jashivo – Cancelled World

Published on: 2022-06-29

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“Cancelled World” is another excellent collaboration brought to you by Jashivo and Felix Kotlo. Stunning and catchy, and slightly reminiscent of 1980s era disco, ‘Cancelled World’ has a strong musical composition and resonating vocals that are light, warm, and easy on the ears.

The song touches on the hot topic of ‘cancel culture’, which involves public shaming of people or brands who are seen to have committed some offense with their comments, actions, or stances that are seen as ‘incorrect’ according to the prevailing views of the day. Anonymous and often fuelled by a pack mentality, those who take part in this frequently intensely polarising phenomenon believe that if someone does or says something wrong, or if they support someone or something that we may not like or agree with, then we must stop supporting them immediately. No grey areas are allowed.

With this track, Jashivo makes us think, “Is this right?” Isn’t this also a form of violence? “I ask myself the question more and more often,” he reflects. “Why are people so cruel, and why is there all this violence against each other? Where is the kindness, where is the compassion, and where is the forgiveness?”

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