Jack 7 Port & Ed Franky – Crazy Christmas & Love Love Love

Published on: 2017-12-07

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Four friends and musicians got together; which resulted in the song “Crazy Christmas & Love Love Love”. It not only tells about the silent and holy night; but also about the advent season with its Christmas preparation rush and shopping mania. With their snappy and crazy style; the four musicians ask for bethinking oneself of the basics of Christmas: love; quiet; family and comfort. The time before Christmas should be a quiet stage; where the feast is expected with joy; not troubled by rush and strain.

The song is a mixture between rock/pop and jazz/swing and encourages to sing along and dance. Co-arranged and provided with a guitar part by Jacks ́s longstanding friend and bandmate Helmut Kirisits; a somewhat different Christmas song was formed; which brings renewed enthusiasm to the Christmas season.As a ten-year old; Jack 7 Port; Czech-born; found a new home in Austria with his family. He achieved some success already as a child; e.g. as the winner of the singing contest “The golden nightingale”.

With music he not only associates singing; composing and producing his own songs; but also the feeling to give people joy; to refresh and motivate them. He is interested in all musical styles; as long as the music does him good. He stays true to this motto by teaching singing to music colleagues and by composing for other people too. In his attitude everyone will find the right time by not giving up.Ed Franky; a newcomer from the Austrian swing and jazz scene; is recognizable by his unique mixture between pop and classical. Regardless of the musical styles he had a try at; his swing voice dictated the musical way. True to his life motto „Rather a little less; and both feet on the ground for being authentic.”; Ed Franky carries out his musical plans patiently and steadily.

The singer and texter Christie Cope; student at the University of Music and Performing Arts; Vienna; aims at a music career after her final degree in 2018. With lots of stage experience and the lately release of her first single; she advances towards this goal.

The international known American texter and songwriter Friedrich Northrop Kate at present also works with Jack 7 Port and Christie Cope on their albums respectively.”Crazy Christmas & Love Love Love” was recorded at the RPM Studio Vienna; mixed by composer Jack 7 Port and producer Arpad Hadnagy; and mastered by Arpad Hadnagy.