J-Rob MD – Feels Like This

Published on: 2021-06-27

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With his latest release J-Rob MD continues to display more of the songwriting and production chops on his latest tech house track “Feels Like This.” This dance floor friendly track is the most infections thing in 2020 outside of Covid-19. This song features a dance floor friendly bassline and poetic vocals about discovering deeper meaning and freeing your mind. J-Rob MD reminds us “If people want more of the same, you’re not going to find it with me. I’m interested in pushing boundaries. New sounds, new melodies, new lyrics. Writing the best dance music. This is what I do.” And we couldn’t agree more. You are sure to love this latest tech house release from J-Rob MD.

And that’s just the way J-Rob MD likes it. “I’ve always been more concerned about making great music than anything else.” Drawing inspiration from all corners of the electronic music universe, J-Rob MD’s slick blend of genre-bending dance music is sure to keep you guessing. “If you really spend the time to find it, there’s so much great dance music out there… So when I sit down in the studio, I just like to go where the vibe takes me.” And that vibe has led to a fast rise through the scene, finding J-Rob MD’s music supported by radio stations and DJ’s across the globe. J-Rob MD’s passionate dedication to the craft of writing great dance music is sure to keep his songs on dance floors around the world.

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