Inusa Dawuda – Stan Crown – Diyana Today

Published on: 2021-06-22

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INUSA DAWUDA . STAN CROWN – DIYANA TODAY is the duos second single after they released “Jungle” in 2020. DIYANA TODAY was created during the lockdown months in 2020 when the two exchanged ideas about what a boisterous summer with the typical summer sound of Inusa’s would again feel like after the crisis. Longing for life, love, dance, and dreams and hopes to meet the imaginary, racy beautiful Diyana from last summer again. Inusa Dawuda and Stan Crown implemented their idea, and they succeeded in creating a sunny, longingly catchy, and danceable song. Produced by Stan Crown with Inusa’s distinctive vocals, catchy lyrics, and instrumentation of the duo. EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT!

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