IamBree-Ze – DIP

Published on: 2021-05-27

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Born Brilann Z. Coleman, IamBree-Ze was the second of 3 girls born to Carlos and DeSondra Coleman a musical couple from Memphis, TN. Landing her first distribution at only age 11 with Island Def Jam/ Tunecore spoke volumes, then after only four short days into distribution IamBree-Ze was offered the first of what would be 4 tour opportunities soon to follow. Her talents have led her to perform alongside such industry talents as Miss Mulatto, Quality Control Artist Duke Deuce, CMG Music Artist Big Boogie, Paid Pat, Co Cash, platinum artist Iheart Memphis, 2 Crucial, SoSoDef artist Streetbud, Nova, Zoey Dollarz, Summerella, Waka Flocka, Coca Vango, Lil Donald, Big Krit, Lightskin Keisha, Future, TI, Coalition Dis and many more in the world of hip-hop. After such a bright start Iambree-Ze was heartbroken as she was forced into hiatus due to life-threatening medical complications, one such incident included being shot in her left eye.
After championing her obstacles IamBree-Ze returns for everything the game owes her. Now at age 20 with a wealth of talent and character chiseled finely into a ready-for-stardom artist. Iambree-Ze is back for everything the industry owes her with her new single “DIP” currently being played on FM and internet radio stations around the world.