Iain Jackson – What Is The Magic Of Christmas?

Published on: 2022-01-09

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What Is The Magic Of Christmas? is a joyously upbeat and ridiculously catchy song that encapsulates the feeling of joy and wonder around Christmas. In writing the lyrics octogenarian Dennis Higgins was inspired by seeing the joy in the eyes of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren opening presents on Christmas morning. The song examines the many things Christmas means to different people before posing the question ‘What is the magic of Christmas?’ to Santa himself!

Retired businessman Dennis took up lyric writing only in his late 80s as a way to keep his mind active… clearly a talent was lying dormant as with his very first effort Dennis won 1st place in the UK Songwriting Competition 2020 with ‘Angels in Disguise’ (‘crisis lyrics’ section and overall prizewinner). Dennis met songwriter and pianist Iain online through a forum for lyricists to meet musicians in early 2020 and they have forged a productive working relationship despite having never met in person. It is truly a cross-generational collaboration for the modern age!