Hubert Michel – Rivages Tendresse

Published on: 2017-10-03

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Difficult to talk about yourself … especially if the more you advance and the less you know.

So, go to music, to my music.

In my family there is an artistic branch: a grandfather conductor, a comedian mother and a drama teacher, a brother filmmaker (who for a long time has pursued an international career), a girl painter and musician …

Almost 15 years ago (as time passes!), I crossed the cape … and the door of a singing teacher, Geneviève Bricmont.

After a few months of vocal technique and “varieties”, at the turn of a course, in front of a more powerful song and wider and more tidy notes, I told him that I could “take my other voice” (sic! .

And since that day, I have been passionate about lyrical singing, enjoying the happiness of beautiful notes, the depth and warmth of legato that suits my singing bass tessitura.

I discovered gold mines: bel canto, German romantics, Italian and Russian opera, baroque chant, American musicals, Neapolitan songs and – passion in passion – the beautiful Russian melodies where I Feel at home (go and find out why!).

And, as for a long time (very long), melodies trotted in my head and I always love the magic of words, especially simple words, and the emotions they cover, quite naturally, I found An immense pleasure to marry notes, words, ideas and emotions.

Sharing emotions, is it not in the end one of the joys of life and one of the essential stones of the flourishing of women and men?

That’s why I’m here.