Guy Marin – Le Cadeau De Noël

Published on: 2021-12-16

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Guy Marin is a Quebec songwriter originally from the Côte-de-Beaupré region. He first picked up a guitar in the early sixties, inspired by the excitement and presence of bands and singers that would become legendary. In the early 70s, he began performing in local bars as an instrumentalist; meanwhile, he wrote and composed in his spare time. In 1981, he transitioned from instrumentalist to vocalist and began performing at local events, gradually introducing more and more of his own original material.

Thus was the start of a series of performances that lead him to a wider audience in Montreal from 1986 to 1988. Once in this urban environment he had the opportunity to meet musicians, composers, and arrangers who greatly influenced his artistic development.

When life events led him to temporarily withdraw from the music scene, he completed a BA in Languages and Literature and embarked on a career as an educator teaching French. This did not curtail his love of music as he continued to write and compose, winning a prize in 1993 from the Canadian association for the education of the French language (ACELF) for his collaboration on an award winning musical comedy. In the same year, he performed in a Félix Leclerc tribute show which merited a best performance of the year award from Laval University. In the years that followed, and while still teaching, he has worked as an arranger, musical director, and operating his own recording studio.

In 2009, Guy Marin recorded his first album “Sortir de là” (Out there) and after a turning point in his life, returned full time to his first love: music.

Rejuvenated by the success of a few shows in the Quebec City area, he gradually returned to writing in anticipation of producing a second album. In the fall of 2013, he temporarily put the project on hold to take his teaching skills to Northern Quebec. Working with aboriginal youth, he sought to re-connect with his own Amerindian roots while experiencing the cultural realities of the Cree nation which has always fascinated him. His second album “Kwey” which he finished upon his return from the North is clearly marked by this demanding but very rewarding experience.

After a series of shows, Guy Marin started writing again. In the fall of 2018, his third album eponyme came out inspired by a passion of his, sailing. It was followed by a tour in the province of Quebec.

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