Gregory Julas – Topsy – Turvy

Published on: 2019-12-15

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Making Retro-Rock Come Alive!!!!

Gregory Julas is firing up some amazing retro-rock and pop on the New Album “Topsy-Turvy”. Amazing driving drums, amazingly hot guitar, cool do- bro, contagious bass, and slick, fired up keyboards. Takes you back to the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Elvis, and others. Also has very slick vocals and some cool eastern vocals, sung by vocalist Sneha Reddy. If you love retro-rock with all the high energy, and the retro-chill sound, you need to check out this Album. Some fantastic players on this Album like Russell Broom (works with Jan Arden) (electric guitar). Spencer Cheyne, Drums. Chris Byrne, Bass. Brendon Waters, Keyboards. Mitch Jay, guitar and do-bro. Denis Baptista, Piano, and Strings. Mark Troyer, Percussion. Stu Maclean, electric guitar.
Also vocals from Mark McKeller, Madison Scantland, and Jonathan Tomalty.

Executive producers; Stephen Rendell, Denis Baptista, and Mark Jonah. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Mark Troyer, OCL and Evergreen Studios, Alberta, Canada.

“Greg’s vocal has influences of Elvis, Fogerty, and Orbison. If you like old-time rock and roll you will love Greg’s new E.P.” _ Stephen J Rendelliption=true]