Gif Da Vet X Jeck Da General – Black Love

Published on: 2021-06-08

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The Hustler….
DC Hip Hip today is represented by artists such as Wale, Shy Glizzy, Q Da Fool, and Rico Nasty who have all made a huge and significant impact on the Nation’s Capital music scene.
Before they were able to shine, other rappers that were part of the Go-Go scene paved the way for them like Fat Rodney, Stinky Dink, DC Scorpio, The Section 8 Mob, and Nonchalant.
Amongst that elite force was an up-and-coming rapper from S.E. DC who went by J.Gifted.
Like the above artists, he too grew up on DC’s most influential music of the late Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, E.U. Rare Essence, The Junkyard Band, and the late Little Benny and Masters to name a few.
He was raised in a Muslim household that taught him that hard work paid off.
His father, a barber from Alabama simply known as “Walt” cut hair on MLK Avenue while his mother a computer program analyst by day moonlighted as a singer in numerous R&B bands throughout the DMV area.
He grew up listening to the bands of the ’70s and at seven would always ask to tag along with his mother to rehearsals, in fact, she said that he started dancing just before he could walk at seven months old.
He would play on any musical instrument in the household but took a strong liking to an old organ that his Grandmother had.
After his parents split, he, his mother, and siblings moved to the Palmer Park section of Landover Md where he as the eldest child was introduced to what started off as harmless street play with the other single parented kids his age in the neighborhood.
“I was as they say “off the porch” at 10.” We lived on Barlow Rd it crossed with Ray Leonard Rd named after the 80’s boxing legend who once had lived on that rd himself.”
Being inspired by Leonard like the other boys in the area, he wanted to try his hand at boxing but once he learned of older boxers who became punch drunk he turned his interests into watching WWF wrestling and then the upcoming trend of playing arcade games at Landover Mall.
This led to stealing, and jippin video games with paperclips they called yammer to add fake credits to games to sell for cheap to other game players so they could buy food at Boardwalk Fries and Orange Julius.
That soon got old and as he familiarized himself with the Metro subway train, every chance he got he was back in S.E. to get haircuts and shoe money from his dad.
While there he’d frequently visited his Aunt Joanne also a devoted Muslim who lived on Douglas Place to spend time with his cousins Umar and Jarrod aka Poppa 2.
He asked his mother if he could spend the Summer of 85′ there to bond with his father and he did just that.
“Pops was a true hustler and gambler back then. He spoke really fast, it had to resonate with me to understand what he said until I got used to it.” Lol
“I tagged along with him and my uncle Al to The Rosecroft Raceway where they’d bet on horse races.”
“He taught me to lock dice really good, and let me roll them whenever he stopped in the hood for a quick dice game I would roll 7’s and 11’s all day on bamas his age while he stood there laughing.”
After getting into numerous fights and getting kicked out of school he was sent to live with his Grandmother and Grandfather who recently had, had a stroke in Southern Maryland.
There, he brought along his gambling antics from the city and took lunch money, shoes, and whatever else the kids at his new school had to wager.
Around the same time, he got interested in Hip Hop when he first heard of Run-DMC.
He had heard Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s “The Message” when he was 10 but this new group was much more advanced with lyrics, wordplay, and delivery.
He knew then that it was what he wanted to do but he eventually was kicked out of school again and his mother brought him back to stay with her only now she resided in the Dodge Park area of Landover where Martin Lawrence once lived.
From that point, he indulged in the streets selling anything he could from PCP to Crack.
He saw or heard about everything from 1985 to 1988 as the Nation’s Capital was dubbed The Murder Capital of the world. While some kid named Puffy from Harlem New York was throwing parties at Howard University, he was on the block throwing rocks at the penitentiary.
At one of his Mother’s band rehearsals, he met a young keyboard player named Demetrius who they called Demi for short. He ended up dating his younger sister Kim he was much younger than the rest of the group but very talented.
He later went on to play for The Junkyard band.
“Demi-Doc gave me pointers on playing chords and melodies that’s a bad MF him and Chink known now as Chink Santana went on to sign with Murder Inc Records where they would produce hits for Ashanti and Ja Rule.”
Still interested in music, he finally released a single and video in 95″ entitled. “How 2. B.A. Crook” downplayed the accolades of street life on Fast Money Records, a label owned by his close friend DYRU who believed in his talents.
Then later an Ep on Rugged Soul Records entitled “Live Your Life”.
Suddenly things took a turn for the worst and he was sidelined after becoming very ill.
His diagnosis was glomerulonephritis, a disease that formulates from hypertension that causes the kidneys to fail, and not only were they failing they were in their ending stages of ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) which meant he would soon need a kidney transplant.
As he spent the next four and a half years on a dialysis machine fighting for life, he penned and released two full-length albums entitled “Total Package” and “Da Pawnshop” in which the title cut referenced his kidney situation.
“Allah was good to me and sent a kidney my way Mashallah he gave me another chance out here I had a transplant in 07″ and things have been good since then, but now I have to worry about this Covid 19 BS lol”
Now back to the music with a moniker change to GIF DA VET he’s ready to take advantage of the music industry and how it works today.
“There weren’t any social media outlets or YouTube nor were there companies offering promotional tactics for monetizing streams, views, downloads, or what have you, these kids today have it easy.”
Geared with a new Ep entitled “Music For Me” with new singles “Bruh”, “Smile” and “Black Love” he’s definitely back to the hustle.