G.G. – Chess And Not Checkers

Published on: 2021-12-31

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Born and raised in East Saint Louis Illinois. I started selling CD,s from my trunk grinding trying to make a name for myself. I sold a thousand copies out of my trunk. Then started to promote my music digitally. Until my music got put in retail stores like “Best Buy” at the same time around 2008. Made my first professional video in “2014” got some good reviews and continued to promote my company.

I was born and raised in East St. Louis Illinois. I started my record label in 2001. “Ghost Coast Records”. I sold a thousand copies out of my trunk. “Midwest Style” in high school in 1999. I wrote my own two books. Published by Xlibris. Creative Minds/BMI is my writer’s publishing company. I got four albums on Apple Music. I started my clothing line. Matthew “G-Baby” Luttrell. Who is my son? I made my documentary film. I lost my father on March 9, 2011. in “Ghost Coast Films”. I pressed a thousand copies of “Heavy Rotation” in 2006 from this company. Disc Makers who help me get my single popping. I learned a lot in this short period of my life. I am ready to make things better to change my life.

Radio Spins: DJ Tossin Ted played my song “Inbetween The Sheets ” sampled by the “Isly Brothers” on this “St Louis Mo” radio station called Magic 108fm. I was very young at that age eleven years old to even get airplay. ‘”East Side Records”‘ got me on the radio. Ke Ke the first lady was the radio personality at the time. 100.3 The Beat back in 1998. I brought my single, “I was born ready” in 1998. “East Side Records” pressed up also a thousand copies in cassette tapes. To help promote my name and talent. She played three songs. I was the first to get a radio play. In my city of “East St Louis Illinois”

Show Performance: I got a chance to perform in front of a crowd. In my hometown. I performed at the “Jackie Joyner Kersee” center. I performed at talent shows outside of my city at a young age. I perform at “Saints” in STL & I perform at the spotlight in “St Louis Mo” birthday parties. I even got a chance to perform at “Club Casino” in East St Louis Illinois.

Acting School: I attended Tasha Smith’s “TSAW”‘ acting class in 2012. She is also an actress who starred In “Tyler Perry” movies. She taught me the basics of acting. I learned a lot about reading scripts and acting them out in an emotional way of thinking. My dream is to be an actor that can touch many hearts with my emotions. She always told me to dream big. That’s why I wrote directed and acted in my independent film. People want to judge my project because it has a gun on the cover. I grew up watching drama films. It’s a fictional film. I just wanted to make a movie about my city. East St. Louis Illinois.

SCMCMUSIC Talent Conference: I performed in front of major labels in Atlanta Ga. Like Roc Nation, Bad Boy, Def Jam, Lisa Davis. Promoting my music with my passion for performing in front of major players in the music industry. It was a learning lesson to watch producers’ artist and a&r’s react with the artist. Metro boom was a cool who also rep St Louis. Go Grizzly is a hot upcoming producer who showed me love as well. I like to thank Lisa Davis once again for giving me the exposer to bring my talent to the next level. March 16, 2013. Change my life in a way. I will never regret or forget that day.

Legendary Dreams: It would be a dream someday. They can make a college course class on my life. Teach the young generation about my struggle, passion, pain, progress, and leadership. A dream to make an impact on their lives. I grow to be a better person trying to overcome obstacles. Expressing my lyrics to the youth about a new direction. A different way of thinking between black and white. Good vs. Bad. I dream of changing the world.

“Midwest Style” is the new music genre created by rappers. G.G. and Twista. Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Country, Jazz, Blues Grass, Rock, Heavy Metal, Gospel, Reggae, Midwest Style

“Midwest Style” means rapping faster than your competition. Lyric’s with creative metterfore’s with your creative sound tone. It’s a lifestyle of how we “Sag” our “Jeans” Midwest “Slang” we say “Jordan’s” that we wear. The midwest artist’s culture that people try to emulate. My favorite rapper Twista created and embrace the style first. I came later and represented the style with different sounds. Like the legendary artist “2 Pac” created Thug Life. “Midwest Style” is my Thug Life.

Bragging rights

Taylor Swift. Heard of me.