Francisco Recabarren – No Boundaries

Published on: 2017-12-07

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Francisco Recabarren is a chilean born musician, singer, songwriter and producer. After many years of working with different projects and music vehicles, in 2017 he decided to pursue a proper solo carrer using his real birth name, and here’s the first single from this production process: No Boundaries. Recorded in early 2017, this song is a semi-ballad dealing with distance-based relationships, a very recurrent issue in this digital and social networking era. Musically is an Indie Pop/Rock song, which shows the strong influence from 80s New Wave and 90s Alternative/Indie music, especially those coming from UK bands and artists (another fact: this song was masterized in the United Kingdom). The overall result is made in a very carefully written and produced song, which also shows a more relaxed Recabarren working with a mix of both real and electronic instruments and sounds. A very dynamic song, it has a catchy, addictive chorus section with a vocal harmony work no one can skip. This is the advance single from the upcoming solo debut album, already entitled Stories Of A Global Pilgrim, which is going to be issued on October 3, 2017. These are the very first words written on this book, so there’s a lot to tell in the near future. For now, a warm welcome to this global pilgrimage to everyone!