Eva Seven – Boy Stop

Published on: 2022-01-12

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EVA SEVEN – is a self-made singer, songwriter, actress, and American music producer, producer, better known as Seven.

EVA SEVEN started her creative career at the age of 3, Eva started playing the piano. In the next few years graduated from vocal and jazz school.

At the age of 15, Eva moves to the USA, where she receives professional education and develops her creative skills in various fields related to the art of music:
• Musicians InsTItute (music business),
• NYFA (filmmaking, game design, video game design, acting),
• Groundlings (improvisaTIonal comedy),
• Ivana Chubbuck’s studio (acting),
• Lee Strasberg (acting),
• Berg Studio (acting).

Several years ago, Seven became the music producer of a struggling American artist.

Now he has millions of streams on Spotify and other platforms, which in turn has helped solidify Seven’s positionIon as a producer and specialist in the music industry.

Women’s empowerment, social issues, inspiration, justice are just a few of the themes that Eva Seven’s songs and videos cover.

In 2021, Eva Seven finished 4 years of work on her first solo album and focused on creating music videos for the songs and finally they are here!

About the song:

This is one of my very personal songs, as this track was my answer to a song dedicated to me by a person who is now my friend.

This is a really cool story: one day I was sitting in a studio in Los Angeles in the evening, playing the piano, and then I got a call from an unknown number – it was a guy who said that he was a songwriter and long story short, he started sending me his tracks to listen. This is how we started chatting by sending each other songs. Our conversations were purely through music. In these tracks we got to know each other because we discussed everything through verses and made statements in the choruses. But he did not tell me his name and kept all information about himself secret for half a year. I was curious and told him that I will stop our communication until he will finally reveal his personality. After his song about keeping it cool, not asking questions you don’t want to know the answers to, and just going with the flow, I wrote my own song “Boy Stop” in response. And I stopped communication. Almost a year later, sitting at a table with friends on another continent, I recognized his voice in a new song. But that’s a completely different story.