ET Boys – Long Night

Published on: 2021-11-29

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Music Video Premiere: ET Boys Introduce “Long Night”
ET Boys
South Florida’s nu-pop/melodic rap duo the ET Boys, aka Tacboy and Sharkeyes, unveil their brand-new single/music video, “Long Night.”

Speaking to the video, director Domonick Giorgianni shares, “‘After hearing ‘Long Night,’ I felt inspired by being young and having sleepless nights. I felt it should be like a documentary where we see the process of brothers coming to a studio to create a song and the struggles that musicians face. Sometimes it’s an unexpected meeting that can change things around. ‘Long Night’ reminds us of those moments we hope would never end. The neon lights and pace of Miami are a perfect backdrop for the song as we follow Tacboy and Sharkeyes.”

On “Long Night,” the ET Boys expand their delicious sound, adding luscious layers of brass, imbuing the tune with leitmotifs of reggae-lite fused with jazz tones.

Grammy-nominated trumpeter Ron Haynes explains, “When Pepper Gomez contacted me, it was the height of the Pandemic. Chicago was in a deep freeze in February, and the city was on lockdown. But what a welcoming call it was. Pepper mentioned that she was working on a project and needed some horns on a track. The goal was to assemble my horn section to come into the studio and record safely during this hectic time. While listening to the song, the goal was to become supportive and complementary without overplaying. We accomplished the mission; the ET Boys’ ‘Long Night’ came out beautifully; The melody is infectious and makes you want to dance. Rajiv Halim on saxes, Norman Palm on trombone and Ron Haynes on trumpet, recorded at Joyride studio in Chicago, Blase Barton engineer.”

The two brothers – Sharkeyes and Tacboy – grew up immersed in music, including dancers, Flamenco, the sound of a sitar, and The Doors. Blending their gifts, they create posh, erotic songs listeners can’t get out of their heads. Sharkeyes creates the sonic infrastructure, while Tacboy writes lyrics and constructs vocal melodies.

ET Boys’ previous hits include “Sober,” “Something Love,” and “Nowhere,” along with almost 1 million views on YouTube, inclusion on elite Spotify playlists, and beaucoup airplay.

“Long Night” opens on cool jazz savors riding a syncopated hip-hop/pop beat as shimmering synths flow on smooth layers of color. Tacboy’s erogenous voice infuses the lyrics with suggestive voluptuous timbres. When the horns enter, the tune takes on smooth, tantalizing tones, followed by the lush bray of Haynes’ trumpet.

The video depicts the brothers in the recording studio, where Tacboy works on lyrics as Sharkeyes cozies up with a bevy of beautiful young women. Later, a gorgeous brunette wanders into the studio, immediately catching Tacboy’s eye. They hook up, spend time enjoying Miami’s nightlife, and close out the night out together.