Énée – One Of Those Days

Published on: 2021-07-14

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Founded in 2008 by Dominique Lemaire (author, composer, singer ), joined by Yann Drezet ( lead guitar ) and Sylvain Jouet ( bass guitar ), the band released 2 ep, one album, and several singles. Enée’s music is based on urbain pop melodies, with soft voices and aerial guitars. Very nice moments on stage (Zenith de Montpellier, Bus Palladium, la java, Festival issy les Moulineaux)

Enée’s new ep ” up there “( out oct 12th) is about life, hope, and feelings. It’s about what keeps us standing up and what makes us moves forward.

It’s about our needs for change, needs for new horizons.

It’s about healing and recovering, about love and beauty

Welcome in énée’s world