Dr. Blackman – Soulmate

Published on: 2021-07-09

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I am a wartime baby, who hails from Brooklyn NY. I have risen through the ranks, in an existential, surrealistic, magical, comedic, tragic, futile, part stumblebum, part vagabond, while the inexhaustible energy of wanderlust dreamer. Welcome to my world. From the outback of Australia to the rainforests of the Caribbean, meanders through the capricious vagaries of ‘not knowing’. Recording my first album in 1985, in the Hyde Street Studio, the Tenderloin, San Francisco. Fast forward to today, where posthumously I have adopted “Elijah McClain” as my son, my brother, and my child. And I have eulogized him, a cut to the bone dirge, to reclaim his spirit, his dignity and his honor, and my love for him. I am a licensed holistic doctor of chiropractiic, practicing in, Riverside, CA

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