Dark Source – After The Party

Published on: 2017-09-19

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Elijah Dontrell Jackson a.k.a. Dark Source was born on August 02, 1980 in Saginaw, MI and is currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. Dark Source is multi-talented as a Label Owner/ Rap Artist/ Writer/ Publisher and Entertainer. As a child looking at T.V. and watching Hip Hop music videos at the age of 6; Dark Source started beat-boxing and rapping. Dark Source is a real family man and says some of his influences are The Dayton Family, MC Breed, 2pac etc.

Dark Source has a unique style with a great delivery. [When we asked what makes Dark Source?] He replied “Unique style and the ability to learn fast, excellent with the lyrical content, voice, experience, consistency and patience. Dark Source has been performing exclusively since 2003 and is also a member of the Gwapp City Gangstas in Grand Rapids, MI. and also has many unreleased features with mainstream and local artists and says he likes to work with any artist that makes music with substance. These are some of Dark Sources’ accomplishments: Owning a company, networking with big names, recording 2 albums and 7 mixtapes and can be found in over 150 countries worldwide. “Do you have any closing remarks?”… Dark Source closing statement is “I’m confident in my future all around Full Circle because I’m determined with a lot of ambition!” Adversity… Persistence… this is my story!