Custodymusic – Be Kind

Published on: 2021-06-29

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CustodyMusic is a Canadian born Artist/Producer who has a different
approach when it comes to creating and delivering his music.

In the past two years CustodyMusic has made waves in the city of Toronto with his melodic production, producing for some of the city’s biggest names. CustodyMusic has plans to release music of his own – with his debut EP ‘2020’ CustodyMusic showcases his diversity, raw talent, and production skills all in one package.

CustodyMusic plans to continue releasing music and visuals that dig deep
and hinder beneath the surface, showcasing that not all things are what they
seem to be

His latest single ‘Be Kind’ talks about self-perseverance, and commitment to become the best version of ones self. When things get tough, don’t get mad! Never give up – Stay grounded and most importantly be kind to yourself and others along the way.

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