Combine-Music – Fire

Published on: 2021-06-27

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The story began late 80’s.

Orlando Anson better know as rapper and host Mr Magic at a company called “Panna Event”.

Mr Magic was the face of “Panna Event” and host and Dj for almost 5 years.

Orlando Anson (Mr Magic) at that time, didn’t really had the intention to produced.

Because he was touring as a rapper and party host in the Netherlands, and abroad.

Producing at that time was not really an option.

Later how ever he got the opportunity to buy a set of turntables, which made it possible for him to start performing in different clubs.

By doing so he could combine his skills as Dj/rapper and host at party’s witch turned out to be a very good combination.

In Germany he came by coincidence late 90’s in contact with a program called “Cubace”.

And his love for producing was born.

At first he was just playing bootlegged songs in different clubs.

Later he produced his own song, and also songs for different artist.

Early 2000 he change his name, and perform as “Dj Cmbine-Music”.

He built his own studio in the attic and started to experiment by combining different styles like sound, noise, and musical rhythms.

By doing so he created his own unique style, by combining his work

Dj/producer/songwriter “Combine-Music”.

LETS GO!!!!!