Clusters Of Grey – The Reunion

Published on: 2021-07-09

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Clusters of Grey (COG) is a Folk/Rock/World Fusion band from Georgia, USA. The band’s EP “For Rose” was released in Winter, 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, and other online retailers. The band was part of Guinness World Record for “longest continuous live performance” in the “343 for kids event” at Johns Creek, GA in 2010. Clusters of Grey released the single “The Reunion” in Fall of 2012 in collaboration with record label Capital-USA. The single “Thank You For Loving Me” was recoreded and released in iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other retailers in 2014. COG held live Facebook sessions for hundreds of Facebook fans in 2020 during the pandemic. Current lineup of the band includes Glenda (singer, songwriter, guitarist), Rashid (guitarist, keyboardist), and John Jacob ( Keyboardist, Arranger)