Christmas Hearts Club Band – Merry Christmas Everyone

Published on: 2018-10-24

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‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ is a song written by Diego Guzman; a Manchester based singer/songwriter/artist called ‘Lost Nomad’ ( who is well known in the Deansgate side of town for throwing massive street parties; bringing people together and spreading love and unity. Given parts of the song had a strong John Lennon feel to them; especially the lyrics of chorus and the main guitar/piano melody; he approached veteran UK producer Charles Foskett ( who has worked with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr amongst many top artists. Charles proposed to record both the song and the video in a Beatles meets Plastic Ono Band pastiche style with the help of some talented session musicians; and so this ‘Christmas Hearts Club Band’ one-off side project was born. You can watch the official video here: The song features male/female vocals; ‘timeless’ Beatles type of piano; slide guitar and string section as well as magical effects and festive spirit. May the love vibes of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ bring peace and joy into our lives in these uncertain times and help us finish this difficult year full of cheer…without fear. Much love. DiegoAll songwriting; publishing and recording rights held by Diego Guzman/Lost Nomad (UK). No samples have been used in this song.