Brofaction – Barcelona

Published on: 2021-05-26

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Not more than their two voices is what the duo Brofaction needs to carry away the audience with their unique harmonies. The brothers Nico and Laurin combine their honest, handwritten songs with the modern sound of pop music. The lightness they bring to the stage at their live shows is also reflected in their songs. Casual acoustic pop for every taste. Emotional, carefree, and authentic. That’s what Brofaction stands for. With their catchy melodies they already inspired many music lovers.

Since the band’s formation in 2014, Brofaction found themselves in the Austrian Ö3- charts, multiple German charts, and even in the charts of Hong Kong. At least since the release of their debut album Message to the World in 2019, the Austrian music scene wouldn’t be the same without Brofaction. Songs like “My Mind’s Made-up” and “Love is Magic” are playing on numerous radio stations across Austria, Germany, Italy, and other countries.

With their live shows, Brofaction has already rocked the stage at the Donauinselfest, the FM4 Frequency Festival, and the Wiener Stadthalle, among others. Together with internet star Lukas Rieger, they also performed in numerous halls in Germany. Whether in full band line-up or as a duo – only with guitar, piano, and their two voices. This “brotherly magic,” as some call it, has something very special and captivating about it. Even world star Ed Sheeran seems to believe that – in early 2021, he shared a video of the brothers on his Instagram page.